Doppelganger is a living person counterpart of a ghostly double. Meaning " Twin or Look alike"


Dorinda is anima warrior and princess of Altima. She also the daughter of King James and Queen Emma. In the Darkness, Dorinda meets Rhonda her evil, wicked doppelganger who threatens her and wants her dead. Dorinda was very surprised and shock that she had a twin. Dorinda was threaten by Rhonda. One day, Dorinda took a walk through the dark forest. She gets attacked by Rhonda. Dorinda fights her. They both stopped fighting. Dorinda ask her why she wants to kill her. Rhonda tells her thats she killed her uncle and it made her angry because he was like her father. Dorinda felt bad and aplogizes. She tells Rhonda that her uncle tried to kill her parents.


Rhonda is a Titan and leader of the Titans .She's daughter of Raven and Mason. In the Darkness, Rhonda finally
meets her doppelganger twin Dorinda. She threatens to kill her. Rhonda never thought she might meet her doppelganger. Rhonda plans to kill Dorinda but she ends up declining her plan because she thinks Dorinda might not be her enemy. After she tolded her about her uncle trying to kill her parents. Rhonda and Dorinda have a long conversation about their lives. They decided to become friends and allies. Rhonda helps her break the kingdom's curse.

After the curse was broken, Rhonda and Dorinda became sisters. Rhonda decided to still be bad but only for personal reasons.

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