Katherine Bennett
Some attributes
First Counterpart: Queen Emma
Second Status: Alive
Third Parents: King George and Queen Elizabeth
Other attributes
Fourth Husband: Christian Gilmore
Fifth Daughter: Dorinda
Katherine Bennett is a principal at the high school and counterpart of Queen Emma.

The DarknessEdit

Katherine Bennettt is a high school principal in Montana. She is single and independent. One day, Katherine bumps into Dorinda knocking her stuff. Dorinda apoglizes. Katherine forgives her. Dorinda was happy to see her and hugs her. Katherine was confused. Dorinda called her mom. She tells her that she not her mother. Katherine walks away. Dorinda goes to the high school. She tries to convince Katherine that she is her mother. Dorinda gave her blanket to her. Katherine tolded her that the blanket looked famliar. She tells her that she has a meeting. Dorinda told her to keep the blanket just in case. If she remembers who she is.

When Katherine went home, she thought about what Dorinda said. Katherine feels and smells the blanket. Katherine had a date with a doctor. The date didn't go so well. She went home alone. Katherine's house was 3 blocks from Dorinda. Katherine walks up to her. She wonder see if she was okay. Dorinda told her that she was okay. Katherine offers her a extra room at her place if anything gets cramped. Dorinda will think about. The next few days, Dorinda took Katherine to Club Pucker where she let her meet Christian. Katherine bumps into Christian. Their hands touch and looked directly to each other. Katherine starts to feel something for Christian. It felt like love. Dorinda smiled. Katherine buy her and Dorinda. Christian decided let be on the side. Katherine grins. Dorinda goes dancing while Katherine was flirting with Christian. A girl named Diana walks in and kisses Christian. Katherine was jealous and leaves. Dorinda goes after her. Katherine went home sad.

One day, Katherine goes to the diner to get some breakfast. Christian saw her. He got her some coffee. Katherine didn't want no coffee but she took it. She wants to know why he bought her that. Christian and Katherine have romantic conversation together. Katherine doesn't get Christian because he is taken. Katherine would good if they just be friends. A few weeks later, Katherine couldn't take her eyes off of Christian. She discover that she have romantic feelings for him. Christian felt the same way about her. One day, it was raining Katherine was walking home. She saw Christian. He offered her a ride. When it stopped, Christian shows her  a beautiful rooftop. Katherine and Christian share a kiss.

Dorinda saw and cried.  Dorinda told Katherine that she saw. She falls in love with Christian. Katherine starts to play along with being her mother. Katherine and Dorinda grows closer. She hads affair with Christian. Raven kidnaps Katherine and had her hostage. Dorinda goes to rescue her. She

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