King James O'Connell
Some attributes
First Countepart: Christian Gilmore
Second Status: Alive
Third Parents: Unknown
Other attributes
Fourth Wife:Queen Emma O'Connell
Fifth Daughter: Dorinda O'Connell
Sixth Gender: Male
King James is one of the main protagonist and he debut in the first book. 


King James was born in kingdom of Marine where he was training to become anima warrior. His parents died from natural causes. He moved to kingdom of Altima to learn about his magic and his powers.

Early life, James was training and practicing his magic. James goes through the dark forest where he finds a woman named Emma who was unconcious. He helps her. Emma was very please. James and Emma become friends. They fought battles together and won. James fell in love with Emma. They got married and became the new king and queen of Altima. They had a daughter named Dorinda O'Connell.  When the kingdom was attacked by Luther, James told Emma to take Dorinda somewhere safe. James fights the Luther's soldiers.

The ExperienceEdit

James reunites with his daughter and wife. James trains Dorinda and practices her magic. When he discovers that Dorinda has been hiding her dragon. He disagrees to keep him. They have a agruement. Dorinda runs away. A few days later, James come in terms to lets Dorinda keep Elliot as her gaurdian. Dorinda and James had to travel to the realm where dragon live. A queen named Willow had to let Dorinda keep Elliot.

The DarknessEdit

One day, Luther's evil sister Raven comes to Altima to get on revenge on her brother during James and Emma wedding anverisary. James wanted her to leave. Raven promise them that they will destory their happiness for good. It was Dorinda 21st birthday and it was the day that Raven put the powerful curse on the kingdom of Altima. When Dorinda blew out the candles. The curse spread through the kingdom.

5 years later, James's memory was gone and his powers. He was transported to the normal world where he was named Christian Gilmore. He was a bartender at the Club called Pucker and he had girlfriend named Diana. Dorinda tries to make Christian remember who he is and who he really in love with. 

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