Kingdom of Altima is known as Altima is a world in The Life of Dorinda O'Connell.

"This is our home" said Emma talking about the castle

Kingdom of AtlimaEdit

The Kingdom is a place where magic exists and other humans is living. Also people who have magical powers to fight dragons, ogres and giants who called themselves anima warriors. The land was ruled by King George and Queen Elizabeth. They both died from sickness until the kingdom is now being ruled by King James and Queen Emma. The kingdom was attacked by a evil sorcerer called Luther. After Luther's death, his sister named Raven who wants revenge. She puts powerful curse on the entire land where every person's memory is lost for good and the anima warrior lost their power. The daughter of King James and Queen Emma: Dorinda is the only person who didnt not lose her memory or  her power, Dorinda seeks help from her doppelganger Rhonda who is the daughter of Raven. Dorinda and Rhona teams up to save her family and their home.

When the curse was broken, Dorinda reunites with her family. They decides to stay in Montana. The kingdom was destroyed. Emma and James wants to go back but Dorinda disgrees. They come up with a plan to rebulid their home and found a way to go back home. Emma decides to use a magic beans.

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