Oueen Emma O'Connell
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Some attributes
First Counterpart: Katherine Bennett
Second Status: Alive
Third Parents: King George and Queen Elizabeth
Other attributes
Fourth Daughter: Dorinda O'Connell
Fifth Husband: King James
Sixth Gender: Female
Queen Emma is one of the main protagonist. She debuts in the first book.


Emma O' Connell was born in kingdom of Atlima where her parents King George and Queen Elizabeth of Atlima. Emma's mother died from sickness.

Early Life, Emma was practicing to become a anima warrior, she goes through the magical forest to practice magic. Emma sees something in the dark forest. She gets attacked by a dragon.She was unconcious. A anima warrior named James founds her. Emma thanked him for saving her. They  become friends. They starts practicing fights and battles. They fought two battles and won.

After they become adults, Emma and James became the new king and queen of Atilma. They both have a child named Dorinda O'Connell. In a few days, The kingdom was attacked by a evil socerer named Luther who wants to run the kingdom. James tolded Emma to take Dorinda to somewhere safe. She takes her to the forest. Emma makes portal that will take Dorinda to the human world. Emma gives her a kiss. Emma quoted" Goodbye Dorinda, Come back for us". She puts her through the portal. A group of soldiers comes up to her. She gets her sword out and fights them.  Luther locks Emma and James in the dungeon. Emma was weak.

The ExperienceEdit

Emma reunites with her daughter and husband. Emma had tears because she was overjoyed to see her daughter.  Emma wants to have a coversation with her daughter about how long she waited to meet her. She teaches her how to become an powerful anima warrior. When she discovers that Dorinda had been treated a dragon. She accepted that the fact she needs Elliot as her bodygaurd. After the decision was made by leader of the dragons, Emma was perfect happy with Dorinda having Elliot. She started to become comfortable having Elliot around. Emma takes Dorinda to a realm that where her ancestors lived.

The DarknessEdit

The day of James and Emma's wedding anverisary, Luther's evil sister Raven interuppts and wants revenge for her brother's death. Emma was worried. On the day of Dorinda 21st birthday was the day that Raven put the powerful curse on the kingdom. When Emma and everybody happy birthday then Dorinda blew the candles. The curse spread through out the land. Emma lost her memory and her new name is Katherine Bennett an principal at the high school. Emma bumps into Dorinda not knowing she was her daughter. Dorinda tries to convince who she really is and where she came from. She tells Dorinda that she doesnt know who she is or that she not married to anybody. One day, Dorinda takes her to the nightclub called Pucker where her unknown husband works at. Katherine tells her that she doesnt know who he but he definitely looks famliar like they met before.

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