Some attributes
First Status: Alive
Second Age:22
Third Parents: Raven and Mason
Other attributes
Fourth Doppelganger: Dorinda
 Rhonda is the secondary anatgonist and anti-hero of the series. 

Described: Curly Brown Hair, Evil, Wicked, Selfish, and Cruel. Wears Black Leather Outfit, Black Nail Polish, Wears a Amulet, and The Mark of a Titan.

The DarknessEdit

Rhonda was born to Raven and Mason. Rhonda was a pretty, little girl who just want to have fun but that all change when her mother became evil. Raven loves her daughter to death. After founded out about her father's death. Rhonda became evil and wicked like her mother. She became angry when she discovers  about out  her uncle's death. Rhonda and Raven wanted revenge. Rhonda and Raven goes to Altima and eavesdrops on the wedding anverisary of the King and Queen. Rhonda was very surprised to see Dorinda because she was her doppelganger. Rhonda wonders  why her mother didnt tell her that she had a twin. She tells her mother that she wants Dorinda dead. Rhonda sees Dorinda in the dark forest and she attacks her. They both started to fight. Rhonda had a change of heart. Rhonda and Dorinda becomes friends than sisters. Rhonda helps Dorinda breaks the curse.

The ChroncliesEdit

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