The Characters of TLODC. This characters are strong, funny, courage, open-minded, dynamic and enegertic.

Main CharactersEdit

Dorinda O"Connell- A young woman who have awakard and miserable life with her parents. She's a 20 year old whos have a job and planning to go to college.

David- Is an anima warrior and a gaurdian of Dorinda.He convinced Dorinda to come back to Atlima to defeat the evil Luther.

Queen Emma- Emma is a queen of Atima and anima warrior. She's wife of King James as well as the mother of Dorinda.

King James- Dorinda's father and king of Atlima. He was son of the original king of Marine.

Evil Luther-

Kyle Johnson

Lara Crawford-

Mary Roberts-

Carlos Roberts-

Recurring CharactersEdit

Elliot-A red dragon and Dorinda's gaurdian.

Bryon- Dorinda's love interest.

Martelle-Bryon's best friend. He became a anima warrior when he turned 15 years old.Martelle and Bryon has been friends.

Regina- Luther's powerful, evil sister who wants her revenge for her brother. She puts a curse on the kingdom which makes the entire people have amnesia.

Miranda- Dorinda's friend and anima warrior.

Rhonda-Regina's evil,wicked daughter and Dorinda's doppelganger.Rhonda wants Dorinda dead. She plans to kill her but she declined the plan. She turns against her mother and becomes the anti hero. Rhonda an Dorinda becomes sister.

Pauline-Rhonda's best friend.

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