Once upon a time, there was a magical kingdom called Altima where their lived people who have magical powers and has being trained to become anima warriors. Anima warriors are warriors who have magical powers and fight dragons, ogres and giants .Anima teams are Alpha, Beta and Omega .The original king of Altima was King George and Queen Marie who ruled the kingdom until the king and queen died from sickness. An anima warrior named James and his wife Emma became the new king and queen. Emma became pregnant. 9 months later, they both had a daughter named Dorinda O’Connell. 

One day, a powerful, evil sorcerer named Luther came to kingdom and attacked. He killed 20 people.  James and Emma tries protect their daughter. Luthor’s soldiers attacked them. James kills them all. More of Luthor‘s soldiers came. James tells Emma to take Dorinda somewhere safe. Emma takes her to the forest. She makes a portal that takes Dorinda to the human world. Emma cried and gives her daughter a kiss on the forehead and put

. Luthor‘s soldiers find Emma. She pulls out her sword and fights them.

20 years later, Its Dorinda 20th birthday. Dorinda was adopted by a couple named Mary and Carlos Roberts. She has her two best friends Kyle and Lara who is planning to throw a surprise party for her. Dorinda didn’t really like surprises. Dorinda is a waiter at the popular restaurant in Montana.  Dorinda was taking orders and slips on the floor. She gets flour and chocolate on her pants. Dorinda felt embarrassed. Dorinda goes to the bathroom and wipes it off. Dorinda takes order from a stranger who stares at her. She asks him that what he wants. The stranger tells her that he wants hot chocolate and a coconut cream pie. The stranger sees her mark on the right side of her chest. Dorinda covered it. The stranger tells her what the name of her tattoo is. Dorinda didn’t answer because she didn’t know.

The day was just about to end; Dorinda goes to home to get some sleep. When she opens the door, a group of people say surprise. She was very surprise about the party. Dorinda was mad at her friends that she told them not to throw a party. Kyle and Lara wanted to celebrate her birthday. Dorinda’s father Carlos brings out the cake.  The guests say happy birthday to her. Kyle and Lara wanted her to make a wish. Dorinda closed her eyes and made a wish” I wish my life could change”. She blows the candles. Everybody started to party. The stranger was stalking Dorinda’s house. He walks away.

Meanwhile, in the kingdom of Altima where Luthor’s clan is torturing James. The people were homeless and starving because the clan was eating all the food. Emma was locked a dungeon making a fire to keep warm. She gets a visit from Luther .Luther wants to know where their daughter is. Emma wasn’t going to tell him. Luther pushes her against and chokes her to death. Luther will kill James and her if she don’t tell him where their daughter. Emma tells him that she sent her to the human world. Luther lets her go and sent his soldiers to find Dorinda. Luther makes the portal and sent them to the human world.  

The next day. Dorinda cleans her house where she had her party. She had to be at work at 10:30 and it was 10:05. She gets dress and goes to work. Dorinda gets caught up in traffic. After she gets there, the stranger from yesterday stalks her again. A group of men comes in the restaurant. The stranger thinks the men looks suspicious. He goes to the restaurant. Dorinda were having moodswings. She was taking orders. One of the men was staring at her and looked at her mark. Lara walks in and tells Dorinda that she was going out of town. Lara tells her she will be back in 2 weeks. Dorinda was going to miss her. Lara leaves.

It was 9:50; Dorinda was sweeping and cleaning the tables. She was leaving. While walking, Dorinda was listening to her iPod. Dorinda felt someone was stalking her. A person out of the dark kidnaps her. She wakes up at a warehouse tied up. She was crying. A man in shadows asks her what’s her name. Dorinda told who she was and ask him what he wants. He tells her that she needs to come back to her home. Dorinda was confused. The men steps into the light. Dorinda starts to get scared. The men name is Oliver. He’s a soldier of Luther and came to bring to Luther. He decided to kill her instead. The stranger shoots him with a bow and arrow. The stranger unties her. Dorinda runs away but is stopped by another man. He pulls his sword. The stranger shoots him. The stranger reveals himself. Dorinda ask him who he is. He tells her his name is David and he’s her guardian. Dorinda didn’t understand. David tells her that she comes from a magical kingdom called Altima. He tells her about her birth parents. He tells her about the kingdom being ruled by the evil King Luther and she must go back to the kingdom to save her parents. Dorinda doesn’t believe him. David shoots an arrow at her and she catches it. Dorinda was amazed about what she did. David was impressed. He tells her that she’s an anima warrior who has special powers. Dorinda ask him what anima warrior. An anima warrior is a person who battle ogres, giants, and dragons and have special powers.

David tells her that she will become a powerful, skilled anima warrior. Dorinda still doesn’t believe him. She walks away. Dorinda goes to her parent’s house. She knocks on the door. Her mother Mary answers the door. Dorinda ask her if she is adopted. Dorinda tells about the situation an few minutes. Mary tells her the truth. Mary shows Dorinda’s blanket. She haves a flashback. Dorinda leaves and takes the blanket with her. She goes to found David. She gets jump by a mysterious man. She fights him and magically uses a power she has to kill him. Dorinda was amazed about her powers. David saw everything. Dorinda shows him her blanket. Dorinda wants to know about her birth parents. David tells her about the time her parents met and how they fell in love. David also tells that the kingdom was attacked by an evil king Luther and she was sent to the human world to be safe. David convinces her to come back home and defeat Luther. He tells her that she must practice training. Dorinda is not ready because she has a job and in few weeks going to college. Dorinda decided to put the college plans aside and must take some time off from her job.

The next day, Dorinda goes to her job. He tells her boss that she needs some days off because it was personal. Her boss disagreed on her decision. Her boss fires her. Dorinda leaves and wasn’t upset about being fired. Dorinda drives off with David to find a place to train. Dorinda goes an old warehouse that is 4 blocks from the high school.  When they got there the place was nasty and dusty. Dorinda and David clean up the place. David wants her to practice her fighting skills. He wants to see was fighting skills or powers did she accomplish. David decides to practice fighting her. He was amazed by her skills but she needs more practice. David tells her that she’s a beta. Dorinda ask him what’s a beta for anima. He tells her that a beta is a skilled anima warrior but needs to progress. Dorinda is a beta. Her parents are Alphas. Alphas are powerful, strong and skilled anima warriors.

It was 8:30, Dorinda was getting tired. She tells David that she needs go home and get some rest. David agrees. Dorinda went home.  She goes to bed. She dreams of her past. She imagines herself in the magical forest. She grins. Dorinda sees a woman. She hides. The woman was Emma; her mother. Emma was eating meat and bread. Dorinda smiled. She follows her into the dark forest. Emma sees a dragon and gets attacked. Dorinda runs to her and wanted to help but for some reason she couldn’t touch her because she wasn’t born yet. She sees a man who runs to Emma. He helps her. Emma opens her eyes. Dorinda smiled. He tells Emma his name. Dorinda realizes it was her father James.

The next day, Dorinda wakes up from her dream. David scares her. She tells about her dream last night. David was surprised. Dorinda got two messages from Lara. She gets ready for practice. Dorinda goes to her parents’ house.  Carlos and Mary left a note to Dorinda. She reads the note. The note said” Dear Dorinda, me and you father are going away for a while because we are tired of staying in the house and putting up with your moodswings. You are a grown up and need to take care of yourself. We promise to comeback to see you” Sincerely Mary and Carlos. P.S I hope you find your birth parents.

Dorinda was sad and upset. David was waiting outside. She comes out. David wonders why she was mad. Dorinda didn’t want to tell him. They went to the warehouse. David wants her to practice using the bow and arrow. They decided to practice outside. David wants her to shoot the bird. He tells her to relax, focus and breathe in then she shoots the bird. Dorinda felt bad shooting the bird. David understands. David tells her that anima warrior hunts for animals for food. Dorinda gets a call from Kyle. Kyle tells her about the father and daughter dance at the high school. She tells him that she wasn’t going because her parents went away. Kyle didn’t know and felt bad. Dorinda hanged up the phone. Dorinda always wanted to go to the father and daughter dance. Her adoptive father is gone away and her birth father is living at a kingdom which is a long way. Dorinda had tears. David tells her it’s going to be okay.

Back in the kingdom, The king and queen are in the dungeon starving. Emma and James were weak. James thinks he might be able to go find some food. Emma doesn’t want him to take that risk. James promises Emma that he will comeback. James gives her kiss. He uses his half of his power he still has to break the door. Emma was happy. James went to go find some food. Emma uses her power to make the door look the same way. Dorinda had a vision. David asks her what’s wrong. She tells him that she had a vision of her parents starving. Dorinda tells him that they need to go back to kingdom. David tells her that she’s not ready.  He tells her that she needs 2 weeks to practice more on her skills.

Dorinda can’t wait until 2 weeks because they will die before she gets there.  She must go back to her home. David disagrees. Dorinda was mad. She goes to house. She goes up to her room and slams the door. Dorinda calls Kyle and tells him to come to her house. It was an emergency. When Kyle got there, he asks her what the emergency is.  Dorinda tells him that this might be crazy. She tells him that she was adopted and she comes from a magical kingdom called Altima also she’s the daughter of King James and Queen Emma. Kyle was confused. Dorinda shows him her power and tells him that she’s anima warrior. Kyle believed her. She tells him that she needs a map to find the kingdom of Altima. Kyle looks on the internet to find the map. Dorinda decides to leave tonight without David’s help. Kyle asks her who David is. He’s a friend that she met at her job. Kyle tells her that he found the map. Kyle prints out the map out.

Dorinda got dress. Kyle decides to go with her. She goes to the warehouse to get the bow and arrow. Dorinda and Kyle took off. They both end up running out of gas. Dorinda sees the something in the woods. Kyle got out of the car.  Dorinda thinks it was a portal. She goes through. Kyle panic and got her stuff. He went through the portal. He screams in terror. He wakes up. They were at the magical realm that is 2,000 miles to get to the kingdom. They go through the realm.

The next day, David looks for Dorinda. He realizes she’s going to kingdom. He was upset. He goes to look for her. Dorinda and Kyle runs into a man named Klaus who is anima warrior. She tells him and wants to know which way through the kingdom of Altima. He tells her that they must go through the Mount Anime Mountains, the Dark Forest then through the Magical Forest. Klaus tells them that it’s going to take 5 days to get to the kingdom. Dorinda and Kyle start moving. Klaus ask them why they are going to the kingdom. She tells him that her parents are in trouble. Klaus ask her who parents are. She tells him they are King James and Queen Emma. Klaus realizes Dorinda is the daughter and she’s the only person who can stop Luther.

Dorinda has a vision of her father being tortured. She tells Kyle they must hurry before it’s too late. Klaus wish her luck. While traveling through the mountains, Dorinda and Kyle started to starve. Dorinda hunt for animals. She sees a deer eating grass. She hides. Kyle throws rocks to the deer up close. Dorinda shoots the deer. It was getting dark. Dorinda and Kyle cooked the deer and ate it.  They both went sleep. Dorinda dreams of her parents. She imagines herself in the kingdom. She founds the castle and goes in. She sees her mother lying down because she was pregnant with Dorinda. Emma was thinking about a name for the baby. James comes in. He brought some food for Emma. Emma tells him what good name is. James gave Emma a name. Dorinda smiled.

The next day, Dorinda wakes up. She wakes Kyle up. Dorinda goes to look for some food. She tells him to start a fire. Dorinda founds a chicken. She shoots it. Kyle cooks it and they ate it. They needed to move. They both walked 200 miles from the realm. They ended up at the mountains. Dorinda and Kyle climbs. Dorinda sees something in the sky flying. It was a dragon. The dragon sees them and attacks. It blows fire at them. Dorinda and Kyle falls. They both try to escape. Dorinda tries to shoots the dragon. She shoots the wings. The dragon falls down. The dragon gets back up. Out of nowhere, a sword goes through the dragon’s heart. The dragon turns to burning ashes. Dorinda wonder who kill the dragon. It was David. David followed them. They begin to move.

Meanwhile, James is being tortured from escaping. Emma hears him scream. She started to cry. Emma tries to found a way to get some food. She uses a small metal to get unlock the door. She escapes. She hides from Luther’s soldiers. A soldier confronts Emma and strangles. She uses less of her power to make him unconscious. She disguised as a soldier. She tells the soldiers that she was going to forest for some food. Emma goes to found her bow and arrow. She hunts for some animals. She sees a deer and shoots it.

Emma cooks it and ate. She saves some for James. She put the leftovers in a bag. She quickly goes back to the castle. She takes the clothes and goes back to the dungeon. Emma hides the bag before the soldiers found her missing. The soldiers brought James back. They throw him to the floor he was too weak to move. Emma was crying. James tells her that he loves her. She knows that. Emma gets him his food. James asks her what she hunted. She tells him that she escaped and went to go get some food. Emma feeds him. Emma smiled.

It was daylight, Dorinda founds a cottage. She knocks on the door. It was a woman named Claire. She asks her can they stay here for tonight. Claire said no because she doesn’t allow strangers into her home. She closes the door. Dorinda tells her that she’s here to found her parents. She also tells her she’s the daughter of James and Emma. Claire opens the door. She didn’t believe her. Dorinda shows her mark. Claire has a flashback when Emma was giving birth to Dorinda. Claire was Emma’s barmaid. Claire sees the baby and tells her to push. Emma was in pain. Claire tells her to do one big push. After Emma gave birth, Claire sees the baby’s mark.

Claire allows them to stay. Claire cooks them some fish and chips. Dorinda eats 2 fish and chips. After they got done eating, David and Kyle went to sleep. Dorinda asks Claire why did her parents sent her away. Claire tells her that they kingdom was attacked and her parents wanted to be safe from the kingdom by sending to the human world to be safe. She tells that her mother wanted give her better life instead of staying with them. Dorinda tells her that her life was miserable. She always had dreams about her parents. Claire shows her an old picture of them. She tells her to keep it. Dorinda started to cry. She goes to bed.

The next day, Dorinda wakes up. Claire was making a healthy breakfast for her guests. It was honey oatmeal mixed with fruit. Claire was done. They ate breakfast. After they got done, Dorinda tells them that they need to move now. David thinks they got 150 miles to get to the dark forest then the magical forest. Dorinda have vision of her parents. They started to move. They were walking for 9 hours. It was hot. Dorinda started to sweat. They decided to stop take a break for 2 hours then they move. They started to get hungry. David founds fresh meat. He cooked then they ate.

Kyle was getting tired and his feet started to hurt. He ask David how long did they walked. David tells him they walked for 14 hours. Dorinda was getting tired too. She falls down. David and Kyle help her. They decided to stop since it was daylight. Dorinda was thirsty. David goes to found some water. He brings her water. Dorinda went to sleep. David and Kyle also went to sleep.

Dorinda dreams of her mother. She imagines again. This time it’s when the kingdom was being attacked by Luther. Dorinda goes to castle. She sees her parents worried about Dorinda’s safety. James tells Emma to take the magical forest to be safe. Dorinda follows her mother to the magical forest where she was sent to the human world. Dorinda knows why her parents sent her away. Dorinda and Kyle wakes up the next day. David brought them some fruit for breakfast. They started to move.

They finally reach the dark forest. They hear strange noises from the trees. Dorinda wanted to know where the noises were coming from. Out of the darkness, an ogre comes out and attacks them. Dorinda and David shoot the ogre. The ogre knocks down Dorinda’s bow and arrow and throws Dorinda to mud. Kyle distracts the ogre. Dorinda gets her bow and arrow and shoots the ogre in the leg. The David shoots the ogre in the eye. The ogre fell down. Dorinda was dirty from being thrown into the mud. David thinks they need to stop. Dorinda disagreed.

They decided to keep going until they reach the magical forest. While walking through the dark forest, Dorinda was starting to hallucinate. She started to see creepy things and gets dizzy. Dorinda falls down. Kyle and David help her up. She dreams of her past. Dorinda was asleep 6 hours. She wakes up in the magical forest. David brings her some food. He lets her meets an old friend of her mother. Her name is Christina. She’s an anima warrior. Christina magically changes Dorinda’s clothes. She was happy. David thinks that they need to move. Dorinda thinks they need to make a plan. After they get to the kingdom of Altima, the kingdom was falling apart. Dorinda and David go to the castle while Kyle and Christina plan to fire a bomb to the castle.

Luther is planning to kill James and Emma. He tells the guards to bring them to him. Dorinda and David hides from the guards. They attacked them. Dorinda tells David to go found her parents while she handles Luther. The guards brought James and Emma. Luther decided to kill James first. Emma was crying. A guard holds a knife to her neck. Luther pulls his sword out.  Kyle fires the bomb to the castle. It makes the castle rumble. Luther tells his guards to go and see what the sound was. He tells the other guards to James and Emma back to the dungeon. Emma hits her head. Christina fires another bomb.

Dorinda fights the guards. She shoots some with her bow and arrow. Dorinda goes to Luther. She breaks down the door. Luther was surprise to her. He asks her what her name is. She tells him her name. Luther smiled. Dorinda pulls out his sword. She fights him. David founds Emma and James. He released them. Emma gives him a hug. James tells him that need to release the anima warriors. Dorinda struggles fighting Luther. Luther uses magic to freeze her. He grabs her heart. Luther tries to pull out her heart but something magically prevents him. Dorinda grabs her bow and arrow. She puts magic on the arrow. She shoots Luther. He goes through the wall to ground.

The people surround him. Dorinda steps out into the sunlight. She smiles. The anima warriors come out. Dorinda yelled “Anima!!!!”.The warriors did the same. Dorinda walked down the steps. Kyle and Christina gave her a hug. David, Emma and James came out. David gave Dorinda a hug. Emma and James realize it was their daughter. Emma and James overjoyed to see Dorinda. The kingdom of Altima was back to normal. Dorinda become princess and leader of the beta anima warriors. King James and Queen Emma had ceremony of the return of their daughter.

The next day, Dorinda goes to the magical forest. The magic was surrounding her. She smiles. Dorinda’s life is better than ever. Emma and James watches her. Dorinda sees a deer. She puts out her bow and arrow. She put magic on the arrow. Dorinda closed her eyes and relaxed her body. She opens them. She shoots the deer.


s her through the portal.

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