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The Life of Dorinda O'Connell is a magical/heroine series by Omeka Davis.A young women named Dorinda had an awkward, miserable life with her adoptive parents. She has been having dreams about fighting mystical creatures. She sometimes was bullied while she was in school but she had her two friends Kyle and Lara by her side. Until she meets a mysterious man named David who tells her that she’s daughter of King James and Queen Emma who rule the magical kingdom of Altima. It’s now being ruled by the Evil King Luther. Luther wants the James’s daughter who was taken the human world to be safe when she was a baby after Luther attacked the kingdom .Dorinda is destined to go back to her home and fight the Luther to win back the kingdom.

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The Life of Dorinda O'Connell is a twist of a fairy tale and fantasy story about a young woman discovers she comes from a magical kingdom called Atlima. She is destined to become the savior and alpha anima warrior.

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